These pins are designed to arrest anti-rotational or lateral movement in your AK fire control group’s trigger & hammer pins. Doing so prevents potentially dangerous ‘walking’ out of your AK receiver and helps reduce wobble in your trigger group. The retention plate is heat-treated spring steel and the trigger & hammer pins are black nitrided steel. Installation does not require the removal of the rifle’s safety lever and takes about 5 minutes. Fits most milled & stamped receivers. This non-rotating pin set will make a nice addition to several of the drop-in AK triggers coming onto the market!

***Will not fit IWI Galil ACE pistols or rifles***

NOTE- Full-auto AK users will need to modify their sear spring in order for this product to work. Simply clip the excess spring material approximately 1/4″ away from the sear pin and bend a slight retention crook into the spring.