3-piece Balkan Combo (Battlefield Pickup)

  • 3-piece Balkan Combo (Battlefield Pickup)
  • 3-piece Balkan Combo (Battlefield Pickup)
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Fan of the Battlefield Pickup look? Choose this set for a true one-of-a-kind, battle worn Khyber Custom AK! These will fit most Yugo pattern M70/O-PAP/N-PAP rifles.

This set includes:

(1) Yugo Length Cheese Grater Upper Handguard (Battlefield Pickup condition)

(1) Yugo M70 Wood Lower Handguard (Battlefield Pickup condition)

(1) Yugo M70 Grip (used)

**Please click item above to see individual product specifications (if available)**

Blemished Cheese Grater Upper Handguards will be in 100% functional condition. Blemishes will consist of aesthetic imperfections (ex. finish, incomplete hole punch, etc.)

Due to the nature of surplus parts & furniture, Russian Laminate/Bakelite, Yugo Balkan handguards/grips will be sold As-Is, No Returns. Surplus Furniture will possibly have cosmoline/oil from the factory that should be removed before install.  Sample pictures represent examples of condition, inspection proofs, and finish found on most inventory.  Individual sold items may vary. We will try our best to honor any special requests made in the order notes section, however please note that we do not guarantee any hand select. Please feel free to submit questions to sales@khybercustoms.com before placing your order.